Casual wedding wear for groom: 10 stylish and cool ideas

Casual wedding wear for groom. Nowadays, couples have a more easy-going approach to their weddings.  A few years back, the groom used a more formal suit style.

We very much like the idea of a more rustic, casual country style look. Keep in mind that you have to work on the details in order to look smart for this special day:

  • Suspenders
  • Corduroy pants 
  • Vests

The groom must look stylish, even with this Casual Boho style outfit.


The casual look in a young groom with bow tie and suspendors, will certainly look splendid!  Here are a few tips so that your casual look will be cool.

Hipster style wedding: tie and suspenders

There is a lot of casual wedding wear for grooms to choose from. Add some suitable details that really match your own style. There are some amazing designs for casual wedding wear for grooms.

You can find some options in this post. Update a classic timeless suit for the groom by mixing some fashionable accessories like:

  • Sunglasses
  • Printed socks
  • Pocket watch
  • Bow tie   
  • Leather belt

Simple and stylish groom wedding attire

Whether you wear jeans or corduroy pants, don’t put sneakers on. Better go for some Oxford or other nice shoes.
When you have a rustic or country wedding, it actually makes better sense to wear jeans instead of a traditional suit.

  • Bow Tie
  • Jeans

Always remember: your wedding is one of the most eventful  days in your life.

Casual wedding suit

Relaxed and less formal look for groom

A more casual look gives the groom more flexibility. Use open neck shirts and no ties. In some weddings on the beach they use more casual pants or shorts. Match your wedding outfit to your party style.

  • Rustic wedding – Wear tweed and a 3 piece-suit for winter
  • Garden wedding – Give it a casual twist with a pair of jeans
  • Beach wedding – Add trainers

When it gets more formal at the garden ceremony you can put on a dark blue blazer. Later on, you can take it off!

Wedding on the beach: Hawaiian shirt and shorts

At a wedding on  the beach, you can pick a comfortable Hawaiian style look. Celebrate the island style with a cool Hawaiian shirt. If you can, better buy a high quality Hawaiian shirt, for example from a famous brand like Ralph Lauren. 



Bohemian wedding attire for groom

A few years ago men used formal or “penguin” suits. Attire for groom and ties match with the bridal dress. But these days, there are many chic ways to dress up for the wedding with just a shirt and suspenders. There are options for the groom which are more affordable. Add some element of sophistication or inspiring colors:

  • Burgundy
  • Classic gray
  • Royal blue
  • Pastel colors

If you are currently looking for casual wedding wear for the groom, this overview has given you some ideas. At least add some floral prints and contrasting colors.

For more ideas for your upcoming wedding. Please check out our post: wedding lights decoration

Comments: We love to know what you think.

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