Wedding lights decoration: 10 creative ways to light up your fiesta

Wedding lights decoration has to be classy to bring your guests excited about your party. Waterfall string lights come to mind. They are elegant and will turn a normal space into an extraordinary one. 

If you want your wedding to be both elegant and romantic use some of these ideas to light up this great day. No matter whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, rustic or formal, always remember to add some lighting is crucial.

  • Paper Light lantern
  • Globe light
  • Flameless LED candles

What a way to bring the bride and groom´s vision into reality!
It´s time to decide the size of the place for the wedding reception and how many people to invite to the event.

1. Wedding lights for an outdoor wedding

By setting up a white-draped tent surrounded by pillar candles in glass vases, you will illuminate the outside and will certainly make the dance floor stand out.


2. Centerpiece table wedding lights

There are surprisingly affordable tower floral arrangements with lights. These centerpieces will provide the perfect touch for every wedding table. Here are some examples of white/silver or warm/white LED light for your wedding.


3. Ceiling wedding lights decoration

Ceiling lights can be an amazing way to enhance a wedding dinner!
The contrast between
shadows and lights provides a unique atmosphere for a memorable wedding that will surprise all your guests. 


4. Wedding lights in backdrop style

A light backdrop will look amazing behind a DJ or a band and it will give your party the perfect lighting from the back. You can make the backdrop as high as your wish. Most fairy lights include several functions. This style is ideal to fill up your empty or dark spaces. 

wedding light


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5. Wedding on the beach

wedding lights

Photo by Corbin Gunkin Photography

A line of globe lights will provide the necessary light for an night open-air wedding by the sea. These is an example: 

wedding lights

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